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Let’s Know About BPPRA

Balochistan Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (BPPRA) was established in the last quarter of the year 2014, under Balochistan Public Procurement Regulatory Act 2009, with the objective to improve Procurement Governance in the Province. BPPRA’s mandate is to enable the government to develop a transparent and cost efficient public procurement system while ensuring transparency, accountability and quality of public procurement.

We are Committed to Assist the Government of Balochistan to Achieve Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Growth of the Province by Utilizing Public Funds in a Transparent Manner.


To achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth of the province.


To improve Procurement Governance in the Province by ensuring the application of transparency, fairness, accountability, value for money and non-discriminatory procurement principles and practices.


  • Define Procurement Procedures & Regulate
  • Public Procurements
  • Improve Governance
  • Ensure Transparency in Procurements
  • Provide Support in Procurements
  • Monitor Procurements



We display morality and professional ethics on all accounts.


We are bold and committed in accomplishing our goal.


We work as a team to materialise our mandate.


We embrace innovativeness and creativity we are open to novel ideas that contribute to better service delivery.

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